An Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of any marketing plan for companies in the adult entertainment industry that are trying to advertise new models, movies, fan sites, games, and material that deals with consenting and commercial sex. Adult B2B Marketing will discuss the importance of email marketing in the adult entertainment industry in this new blog article. We’ll go over some important guidelines, trade secrets, and the top adult email marketing platforms.

What is Email Marketing?

What is email marketing, exactly? How do you go about doing email marketing? What’s the objective? According to our definition, email marketing is a form of direct marketing in which a target audience is contacted by email. Increasing brand recognition, promoting a particular good or service, or cultivating connections with both present and potential clients are frequent objectives of email marketing.

A typical email marketing campaign can target, segment, and personalize an existing audience. These factors are often based on characteristics such as geography, past brand encounters, customer behavior, and hobbies. Email marketers can customize the recipient’s experience by using promotional material, event invites, surveys, newsletters, and other forms of marketing that result in a purchase.

Careful preparation, short messages and subject lines, engaging language and content, and a clear call to action are all necessary for an email campaign to be effective. Analysis of campaign performance and adjustments based on data insights are also necessary for outcomes to be optimized over time. These core principles for a successful email marketing campaign apply to a range of industries and message types.

Is Email Marketing Effective?

Generally speaking, email marketing continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies. There are a number of reasons behind that. Email marketing is a cheap way to reach out to clients and provides a much more personal experience when used for promotional purposes.

Hard data is truthful. The Loop Marketing estimates that over 347.3 billion emails will be sent and received globally each day. Marketers may reach over 4.6 billion email users globally.

As we mentioned previously when talking about personalisation, most business professionals believe that customers would respond to a tailored email marketing campaign by spending more money. Over one-third of marketers send emails to their customer lists once a week, and over one-quarter send emails to their lists many times a month. Furthermore, within the first hour of sending, visitors will interact with links and content in 22% of all messages that are opened. It is important to acknowledge the significance of topic lines. Even though we’re going to write a blog post soon on the craft of crafting catchy subject lines for adult entertainment email marketing, it’s important to think of content that will entice the receiver of the email to reply or engage.

Email’s Role in Adult Entertainment

Email marketing isn’t limited to “vanilla” and “mainstream” companies. Email marketing is a terrific way for adult content—including porn sites and streaming services—to make money. Adult content marketers have made millions of dollars for their customers by producing effective, thorough, and dependable email content and promo text—despite the fact that the majority of email marketing platforms contain flaws.

Models, independent adult creators, producers, studios, proprietors of fan sites, e-commerce experts, and more may all benefit from email marketing. But before we move on with this blog article, there are a few unanticipated events that need to be taken into account. Please allow us to elaborate on this in the sections that follow.

Guidelines for Appropriate Behavior and Sexual Content

Email marketing platforms are provided by email service providers, or ESPs. Dashboards, design tools, statistics and analytics, and campaign management tools are available to marketers from some of the most popular ESP systems in the mainstream market, such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact. ESPs are subject to acceptable usage regulations, or AUPs. An acceptable use policy is a set of rules dictating what is generally acceptable behavior for an ESP user. The terms and conditions that govern all kinds of websites are basically the same as AUPs. In the US, where major email service providers (ESPs) like Mailchimp prohibit sexual material due to potential legal responsibility and other risks, AUPs are crucial for email marketing.

After reviewing Mailchimp’s acceptable usage policy, a user will encounter “prohibited content”. Mailchimp’s corporate parent, Intuit, uses the term “prohibited content” to refer to a variety of things, including intellectual property rights violations, “illegal goods and services” (like escorting in locations where content such as child sex abuse material is illegal or illicit), “pornography/sexually explicit content” (including consenting and legal porn), and “emails that violate the CAN-SPAM act or other anti-spam laws.” This company’s explicit AUP forbids utilizing its ESP platform for any activity including the use of acceptable adult content. With such a policy, it is essential to find a marketing platform that aggressively markets itself to marketers in the adult entertainment industry that permits sexual and obscene material in their AUP. Several platforms allow adult material. These are still little fish in a sea of giant sea monsters, such as the Mailchimp platform from Intuit, which sets global standards for email marketers’ best practices and steers market trends.

ESPs That Permit Use of Adult Content

Certain email service providers allow obscene content. There are, as we mentioned, a handful. These types of ESPs are rather rare, nevertheless, compared to the hundreds of popular alternatives that provide pornographic content, because of various legal usage limits. Thankfully, a number of adult-friendly options are provided by respectable businesses that are well-known to marketing experts in the mainstream and adult industries.

Below is a list of ESPs that accept pornographic material.


YNOT Group, the Texas-based publisher of the B2B news portals for the adult business, and YNOT Cam, is the owner and operator of the specialist email marketing platform, YNOT Mail. An ESP called YNOT Mail focuses on deliverable email marketing for content suppliers, producers, and models. Plans on the platform have scalable prices starting at $25 per month. YNOT Mail allows users to create, view, and send advertising emails and newsletters to email lists. They also provide dashboards with analytics, an audience segmentation tool integrated within the platform, and other features. One valuable tool in Adult Business Consulting’s marketing toolbox has shown to be YNOT Mail.

To visit YNOT Mail, click here.


Businesses in a variety of sectors can purchase goods and services through an ESP named Postr. Conversely, Postr made this list because it enjoys collaborating with companies in high-risk industries. These industries include mobile sportsbooks, online gambling, legal cannabis, and porn. “The most permissive email marketing platform available” is how the business Postr bills itself, and it says it keeps that claim every time. Postr offers scalable plans, in-platform design tools, audience segmentation, analytics dashboards, and a host of other features that are similar to those found on the best mainstream ESPs, such as Intuit Mailchimp or Hubspot for Email. These features are available on Postr, just like they are on YNOT Mail, and range from a free option to full-featured enterprise services for email lists with more than 450,000 addresses.

Use this link to visit Postr.


A simple email marketing and ESP client, Sendy is built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

Under the direction of CEO Bruce, our team at Adult B2B Marketing uses Sendy for email campaigns to notify our worldwide email list of over 9000 subscribers about company news. 

Sendy is an excellent choice for those who want to send emails at a fraction of the price of even the platforms we covered here. Sendy licenses users to use their platform for a fair one-time fee. The only other cost you’ll incur is the modest monthly price to use AWS. This is a great option for email marketers that are acquainted with AWS and value the benefits of integrating services like SendGrid, Mailjet, and Elastic Email. Sendy provides a very basic statistics dashboard, data segmentation features, and an integrated email editor. Sendy’s intimidating nature is one of its few negatives for novice email marketers, especially those in the adult industry trying to avoid blacklisting and bypass spam filters.

To view Sendy, click this link.


Moonmail is the last option available. Moonmail is an additional lightweight ESP that makes use of AWS. Moonmail is less priced than well-known ESPs like Constant Contact and, like all the ESPs discussed here, it allows pornographic content. Although this ESP performs comparable services to Sendy, it has an easier-to-use interface and more readily available options for monitoring campaign effectiveness. Moonmail is an open-source user option with a monthly starting price of $21.

To access Moonmail, follow this link.

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