Do You Know What Marketing is Supposed To Do?

Most people don’t get this simple marketing truth: Marketing’s job is to facilitate the prospect’s decision-making process and cause them to say, “I would have to be an absolute fool to do business with anyone else but you…regardless of price.”

Adult B2B Marketing will build an airtight case for your company and present it to your current clients and prospects through direct, in your face marketing that shows why you are the only company they want to do business with. It’s not fluff, it’s not flash; it’s the simple truth presented in the strongest, most direct way possible.

The Idea

Business has changed drastically in the last 25 years and certainly this industry has encountered a tremendous transformation in just the last few years.  So have the demands on marketing and advertising.  Unfortunately, little change has occurred in those fields, regardless of the fact that marketing has become even more important, in some ways, than salespeople. There are many more businesses these days and people have little information to differentiate between them except the advertising they see. If all they find is companies screaming about how they are the best, the greatest, the most incredible, they will default to the lowest price or the best deal. It’s time for how consumers and businesses meet their needs to change.

“We’re the best. We have the lowest price, the best deal, the best selection, the highest quality…” The screaming slogans have become meaningless, lost in a sea of copycat advertising. People need to hear what they actually need to know: what makes US special, what makes US different from the competition, why come to US instead of your competition?

Adult B2B Marketing builds a case for you, showing through your marketing and advertising who you are and why you’re the best to do business with. We do so using concise, well articulated, powerfully stated content aimed at educating the perspective customer, not just trying to get his attention.

Companies will pay just as much for a full page ad of informative material about your company as you can for cute animals and women in bathing suits. So why not make the most of your advertising and marketing dollar? Adult B2B Marketing will implement this type of no-nonsense advertising, making an airtight case for your company and making it available to perspective customers.

Once people know who you are and what you do, it’s time for your salespeople to kick in. Most companies gain the majority of their sales from 20% of their salespeople. While we can’t make your poorest salesperson sell like your best, we can kick them all up a notch. Underperforming salespeople can be good. Great salespeople can be incredible. It’s not magic; it’s a system. By giving them strong, hard-hitting material (brochures, videos, follow-up letters, phone scripts) to work with, you’ll find even your weakest links can work wonders for your business.

What about keeping the customers you already have? Most businesses put tremendous amounts of time into gaining customers for one sale and don’t do anything to keep them around and sell more to them. Your best customers can often be those you already have. Adult B2B Marketing’s system allows you to create a database of their contact information, send them thank you notes and special offers, set up reward and referral systems. They already know how good you are and if you’ve treated them well and kept in contact with them, they are more likely to buy more and tell their friends and associates. Your own customers should be your most effective salespeople.

The marketing function of a business can offer tremendous leverage. These concepts can be applied to almost any kind of business successfully.  We will help you keep an open mind and continue to think outside the box to help you dominate your marketplace.


At Adult B2B Marketing, we truly live up to the full-service label. We’ve assembled a complete range of services to handle all of your marketing and advertising. We not only provide you with marketing and strategy consulting but we can also build your identity, collateral materials, web development, social media, national or international advertising campaign, AND handle distribution and media placement on all counts.

We research market trends, maintain an extensive list of national and international media contacts, provide mail house services, and go the extra mile to ensure that your printing and production is handled and supervised through one of our Adult B2B Marketing pre-qualified production facilities.

Adult B2B Marketing History

Adult B2B Marketing’s marketing methodology is based on the principles taught by one of the most successful and largest marketing organizations in the world.  This marketing methodology has helped over 25,000 different businesses in over 350 different industries through seminars, workshops, one-on-one consulting, and individual consultations. The result has been hundreds of millions of dollars in increased sales and profits for clients.

Some Things You Should Know

Just a few things you should know about our company prior to our talking about how we can help improve your business.

We are marketing consultants, not salespeople.  We do have countless contacts in the adult world and are more then happy to connect our clients with them.

However, many people get the definition of marketing and sales confused.  Marketing is designed to create the leads that your sales department then turns into sales.

Because of this, we DO NOT work on a commission basis.

We are professionals, just like doctors, attorneys and accountants.  We provide a professional service and are paid accordingly.

Our clients pay a monthly retainer for our services.  This retainer varies greatly from project to project and is based on the scope of the project.

Our clients find our services extremely reasonable for what we do.  In many cases we become your “de facto marketing department”.  Of course there is a cost for this.

We will not know how much we are going to charge you until we’ve looked “under the hood” and talked to you at length.  I’m sure you would expect this of any doctor, attorney or accountant you work with and we are no different.

Some perspective clients ask us for a “rate sheet” or a “proposal” prior to our talking about your business. This is impossible to do without finding out more about you first.

We prefer to talk at a pre-determined time on the phone, again, just like any professional would do.  We do not do business via chat or email only.  There is a lot of information we need and we find these forms of communication too impersonal.

You may also notice that we don’t put a list of our clients on our website.

The identity of our clients is confidential, just like it is with any professional.  We hope you can understand why this is.  A professional relationship is privileged and should not be revealed, except in private.  So we do not provide referrals.  However we do get quite a few clients via referrals, done privately.

Adult B2B Marketing has worked with many companies in the adult space and continues to work with virtually all of these companies to this day in one form or another.

The clients who work with us believe in our marketing system and want to put it to work for their business.

We hope that we’ll have the opportunity to do the same for your company.

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