Best Dating Affiliate Programs

Sexy models creating increasingly explicit content for the public is just one aspect of the adult entertainment sector. Actually, the industry includes hookups and dating. Adult B2B Marketing has been involved in all areas of the adult business for more than 20 years. Furthermore, a portion of our business has expanded into the niche and adult dating industries.

Affiliate marketing, however, is where the money is for individuals who don’t control the actual dating website networks. Affiliate marketing is one of the adult industry’s fastest-growing subsectors, as we have been saying for years. In this brand-new blog post. We discuss some of the best affiliate programs for adult, mainstream, and specialty dating.

eHarmony is a stalwart of the online dating industry. The well-known dating service eHarmony was founded by clinical psychologist Neil Clark Warren and his son-in-law. It is available to everyone. The company is thought to run one of the largest dating websites in the world. eHarmony markets itself as a dating app that appeals to older millennials by placing a premium on compatibility and soulmate hunting. Unlike Tinder, this is not a “hookup site”. The purpose of eHarmony’s affiliate program is to act as an affiliate advertising network, allowing members to make money off of leads or purchases generated by external marketing campaigns. This would be an excellent affiliate marketing scheme for webmasters and site owners that have dating traffic in North America, particularly the United States, segregated to deal with soulmate hunting.

Ashley Madison

A fixture in the adult dating scene is Ashley Madison. There have never been any other websites for married people wishing to cheat on their partners, claims Ashley Madison, which was founded in 2001. The confidentiality provided to Ashley Madison users is allegedly one of the qualities that attracts consumers, according to the website. There are presently more than 60 million users on the Ashley Madison website. The website offers an affiliate program with CPA and CPL revenue share models designed for over fifty distinct geographical jurisdictions globally and five commonly used languages. For webmasters that get a lot of traffic from foreign sources, this is ideal. Payments are paid every two months.

FriendFinder Networks

The Friend Finder Networks, the corporate company of the popular adult dating service Adult Friend Finder, is responsible for maintaining the programs’ website. Friend Finder Networks offers a plethora of affiliate programs for BDSM dating, mainstream dating, speciality dating, and casual encounters. As a result, the FFN Cash program is among the largest in both the adult business and the affiliate marketing space for adult dating. The network’s many dating sites provide revenue-generating programs in the form of percentage programs, cost-per-lead models, or the option to monetize your current visitors based on region. Weekly rewards, landing pages, and advanced tracking are all features of these affiliate compensation structures.


Zoosk is among the most well-known dating websites in the world. The owner of the online dating service is another company that offers mainstream and specialist dating services, such as foreign and religious dating. Zoosk offers affiliate marketing options via a variety of outside platforms. According to the website Knoji, Zoosk is a dating website that offers a well-known affiliate marketing program that lets users earn money just by referring friends and potential clients to the website and its wider network of related dating sites. The Zoosk affiliate program is more like a traffic referral scheme, paying out commissions on a regular basis to those who bring in high-quality traffic.


Another online dating service, EliteSingles, is owned by the same website that runs Zoosk. This site employs an affiliate marketing approach akin to that of Zoosk. is one of the hosting platforms used by the EliteSingles affiliate program. Similar to Zoosk’s external program, this one utilizes affiliate marketing to increase traffic to both the dating website and its wider network of partner dating sites. Similar to the Zoosk affiliate program, the EliteSingles affiliate program functions more like a network for visitor recommendations, paying commissions for valuable introductions.


An affiliate marketing network called serves a wide range of websites and users. This includes dating, prominent affiliate networks, specialized content, and pornographic websites. One of the key differences between WhaleCash and the other programs and companies discussed here is that it is an affiliate marketing network. One of the “web’s premier affiliate networks,” according to the website, WhaleCash offers “exclusive offers [that] help you make massive cash off your display, social, email, pop, and search traffic” throughout the industry. 

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