Best Escort Websites

It’s noteworthy that some professionals in the adult entertainment industry wish to distance themselves from the escort industry. It makes sense, since escorting is a legal gray in many nations worldwide.

Over the years, Adult B2B Marketing has provided consulting services to a large number of proprietors of escort sites. These websites provide a monitored and secure environment for prostitutes and escorts to converse with prospective clients. Some of the best escort sites are still highly profitable businesses for many, despite the fact that things have gotten harder due to laws like SESTA-FOSTA in the US.

In this new blog post, Adult B2B Marketing is thrilled to provide a quick explanation of how escort sites function and to list the top options in the adult entertainment industry. 

How Do Escort Sites Work?

Sex workers utilize classified websites, sometimes known as escort sites, to discreetly advertise their services to prospective customers. These websites may also be used for socializing, such as when a client escorts someone to an event, or for freely agreeing and legally binding social connections between two people.

Escort sites are a great way for professionals to directly offer their services in local and worldwide markets while also formalizing and protecting the privacy of escorts and their clients. These websites vary from directories to escort ad-charging sites like, which costs between $50 and $500. This list has options for whatever type of escort you require. The best escort sites are proudly presented by Adult B2B Marketing.

Best Escort Sites

The best escort websites have a range of characteristics. These characteristics include the diversity of listings, the quality and dependability of the listings, and the overall usefulness and UI of the listings. Furthermore, the escort sites that we feature on this list are reputable businesses that follow transparent regulations to ensure data protection, safety, and successful branding. We also want you to know that you are not always allowed to be escorted. You use these websites at your own risk, and you should always follow local laws as well as those of the city, country, province, state, or country in where you now reside.


Similar to the now-defunct is Bedpage. Users can promote these services by publishing photographs and advertisements for them. Places are arranged not just by state or province but also according to the kinds of services they provide. Porn is listed among the mainstream listings on Bedpage. encourages users to report instances of trafficking and has an anti-trafficking policy as a company. For example, Bedpage has a fact page listing every government agency and charitable organization that combats actual instances of sex trafficking. Despite the hoopla surrounding the practice, Bedpage is an acceptable substitute for escorts and those seeking escorts.

Euro Girls Guide

The dedicated internet escort directory Euro Girls Escort focuses mostly on the European Union and Central Europe. This website has genuine and legal ads and listings for escorting services around the continent, especially in countries where escorting and sex work are both allowed and tightly controlled. Euro Girls Escort has received positive evaluations from the majority of specialist review websites. Thanks to this well-known and trustworthy portal, users may identify local escorting options. The escort directories on Euro Girls Escort include much of the world, including certain countries in Southeast Asia and the Middle East as well as the United States. Data is safeguarded as well. is another online escort directory that primarily caters to the American market. One of the few red flags to be aware of while interacting with Eros is the volume of advertising it contains. However, this is neither a deal-breaker nor an indication of the website’s authenticity. Listings on the premier website cover the majority of the United States and its regions. The website does not have representation for the states of North Dakota, West Virginia, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. Additionally, there are postings for escorts from Italy, Canada, and the UK., on the other hand, aims to focus on and establish a reputation for highlighting moral and lawful behavior.


A trustworthy resource for escorts is There are listings for more than 330 US cities and metropolitan areas. Furthermore, TopEscortBabes provides features and listings catered to different fetishes and locations. There are 1,718 escort adverts and over 550 escort companies for the United States alone on There is minimal advertising, the website is safe, and the supplier offers a wide range of accessible services. One thing we really appreciate about TopEscortBabes is that it detects suspicious accounts right away. Furthermore, a good chunk of this website is quite open and completely above reproach.

The escort directory on is well arranged and maintained. AdultSearch has listings for escort services from all around the world. The pages that advertise directly to the main cities and metropolitan regions, especially in the United States, include listings. Lists covering most of Asia, Western Europe, Latin America, and North America are also available. One of this site’s main selling points is how straightforward it is—it just has listings. It doesn’t contain any dubious branding, nor does it look obscene. Furthermore, there isn’t much advertising, and is linked to a number of particular adult dating services. There are also entries for various businesses, including sex clubs. is an additional internet escort directory. Worldwide escort services are provided by Among the places mentioned are Bangkok, New York City, Denver, London, Washington, D.C., and Moscow. The website is well-designed and provides a simple style and user experience. EscortDirectory’s sole flaw is that it is a little gimmicky due to the large number of advertising taking advantage of the website’s visitors. The majority of users won’t find this problematic, but an excessive amount of advertising can slow down the website and detract from the user experience. All escorts are vetted, and users are encouraged to report inappropriate content and illegal activity. is an online directory that serves North America (the United States and Canada) as well as South America, Europe, Australia, and Asia. bills itself as an internet advertising platform for firms involved in sex and adultery. It is much more than just a website featuring photos provided by agencies or escort directories. After looking through the listings, I discovered that included a variety of businesses, including sex stores, exotic massage parlors, swingers clubs, and strip clubs. Sadly, a sizable portion of the listings on are taken from other websites, such as Escort Monkey,, and is an escort directory website similar to Unlike Bedpage, the website exclusively offers adult material and services like escorts and sex workers. It should be highlighted that serves as the hub for hyperlocal and regionalized classifieds sites that provide an adult industry SEO service through backlinks. Although some of the entries on Escorts Affair are genuine, some are ads for other online escort directories or are reprinted. Listings are published in a number of the countries with high levels of international travel. North America is a portion of it, especially the United States. The website works well and loads promptly. The process is simple and straightforward.

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