American Sex Culture

Sexuality is a basic aspect of human existence that takes on distinct forms in every culture. The American sex culture and its evolution in connection to the adult entertainment sector will be examined in this essay by Adult B2B Marketing. Within the “land of opportunity,” a rich and controversial political and sociocultural past has woven

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An Introduction to Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of any marketing plan for companies in the adult entertainment industry that are trying to advertise new models, movies, fan sites, games, and material that deals with consenting and commercial sex. Adult B2B Marketing will discuss the importance of email marketing in the adult entertainment industry in this new

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10 Best 70’s Male Pornstars

A rare combination of raw masculinity, athleticism, and thick hair, the male pornstars of the 1970s had chiseled chests, thick mustaches, and much thicker hair than those of today. Alongside some of the best co-stars in the business, these performers spearheaded the porn revolution and acted in some of the best films of the Golden

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