What Global Legal Challenges Face Adult Industry Professionals in 2023?

The adult entertainment industry is always evolving. Globally, pornography is a phenomenon that bridges and divides cultures. Regretfully, a lot of influential people have developed a moral panic or worldview regarding issues related to adult entertainment all around the world. Adult businesses are perceived as the wild west, serving as a central location for crime and corruption.

That is wrong, as we all know, but this thought eats away at people’s political beliefs and spreads like a virus. 

To celebrate human sexuality and the freedom of expression in all of its forms and creative disciplines that is both morally and legally acceptable, Adult B2B Marketing and our industry partners do, however, nevertheless work together. Notwithstanding these objectives, we must keep our business dealings grounded in reality, as our sector is still beset by legal and regulatory barriers in nations all over the world. We go over the potential legal challenges that those in the adult industry may encounter in 2023 and beyond in this blog post.

At Adult B2B Marketing, we have a number of concerns. We talked about some of the bigger US-related problems the business would be dealing with in the upcoming year in a prior post. This will cover numerous ongoing legal issues and regulatory trends in Asia and Europe from a broader global viewpoint.

Why Are Adult Professionals Interested in Legal Matters?

No matter where in the world they work, professionals in the adult entertainment industry have an additional responsibility to make sure that the law is being followed. This includes the obligation to stay informed about local political and legal changes that either approve or prohibit the production of porn, the running of websites, or the promotion of products for sexual wellness. A further crucial consideration is the industry’s capacity to conduct business in a certain area without violating any criminal or civil laws. Contracts, torts, and conflicts pertaining to intellectual property are common topics handled by common courts and municipal judiciaries.

Keep Up with Any Amendments to Local and Federal Laws

As an example, think about the USA. People all over the world are affected by the legal, legislative, and political environment in the United States due to the country’s massive concentration of the adult industry and its linked industries. Europe’s marketplaces for adult entertainment are similar. Given their significant concentration, the US and Europe may have a direct or indirect impact on the industry’s ability to thrive and continue to be legally recognized in countries where emancipation and sex work are strongly frowned upon topics. For example, Thailand is a popular destination for sex tourism. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, is well-known for its red-light and sex industry around the globe. Even though it’s still illegal, sex employment is allowed. Otherwise, it’s against the law to make pornographic content or maintain a pornographic website. This kind of content is punishable by jail time, fines, and other civil and criminal consequences, even though the authorities in the Kingdom of Thailand don’t often enforce this ban (a little money goes a long way).

However, it is acceptable to view and create pornography in Germany. Nonetheless, who has direct access to well-known online video sharing platforms has been impacted by recent civil cases and municipal laws. For a considerable amount of time, the German federal government and various state-level authorities have been criticizing the adult entertainment industry for not enforcing age verification methods that would prevent children from accessing content that is age banned. Reporters who cover the adult entertainment sector, such as Michael McGrady of YNOT, Gene Zorkin of XBIZ, and Gustavo Turner of XBIZ, are keeping an eye on this ongoing legal dispute in Germany. Specific jurisdictions receive a lot of attention from the mainstream business news media because they fail to consider the potentially wide-ranging impacts of judges and regulators trying to crack down on one region. Age-verification regulations may have unwarranted and disproportionate consequences on other economic sectors, like the video game industry and organizations’ access to data about sexual health and LGBTQ+ issues.

Legal Environment: European Insights

The new year presents a highly challenging legal environment for the adult entertainment industry. As previously mentioned, the age verification issue that is causing great division in Germany is one particular instance about which we would want to delve into further detail. Germany placed xHamster.com, a well-known pornographic video website, on a blacklist for allegedly not taking sufficient precautions to prevent minors from viewing it. Of course, the United States and the European Union are alarmed by this kind of strategy, which has made its way to France. Porn actress and Daily Beast contributor Cherie Deville discussed the German age-verification legislative movement and its ultimate outcome in her piece, “I want minors to stop watching porn, but government age verifications aren’t the solution.” Deville, of course, is talking about how important it is for parents to carry out their parental responsibilities. The scenery is noteworthy, though. Openly anti-porn figures have attacked tube sites, especially in Germany and France. A few months ago, courts in France and Germany stopped pornographic websites due to pressure from lawmakers and anti-porn organizations on their purported violations of contentious age verification rules. But there has been a great deal of dispute and contention among the locals in these areas regarding these actions. However, the result has given rise to legal battles between the companies that run tube websites such as XVIDEOS and xHamster. Additionally, certain governments, who claim to favor free expression, have explicitly forbidden access to specific websites, resulting in censorship.

Lastly, the global legal system ought to take European precedents seriously. In the upcoming year and the years that follow, there will be a plethora of litigation that will influence the path of the industry. As a global provider of adult entertainment, Adult B2B Marketing advises all of its clients and partners to stay informed about current affairs and to exercise caution. All of these tales are superbly covered by the websites AVN.com, YNOT.com, and XBIZ.com. Taking into account any shift in the various legal and legislative domains is necessary when creating short- and long-term outlooks.

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