Tips on How to Create an Adult Webcam Site

Would you like to launch your own website with adult live cams? Nice! It gives us great pleasure to have you join our adult community at Adult B2B Marketing. There are several methods to launch your own webcam business and begin profiting from one of the fastest-growing segments of the adult entertainment industry. It can be shockingly easy to launch, scale, own, and monetize an adult live cam website. To create your own website, you can choose from pre-made white label clones and custom scripts.

We discuss the less expensive and faster choices for building a webcam site in this blog post. We also demonstrate how collaborating closely with webmasters, cam models, and adult brands can help you establish a successful webcam streaming business. We also introduce you to the most efficient payment methods.

We at Adult B2B Marketing hope this post on launching a live cam website is helpful to you.

Adult Friendly

Before starting any kind of website, webmasters need to register with a web hosting provider. Adult cam sites need web hosting that allows for explicit content. Thankfully, there are a number of well-known and niche web hosts that are excellent options for helping you create your cam website.

Companies like MojoHost, PhoenixNap, and WPEngine provide the best web hosting options available for pornographic websites. An adult-oriented website hosting platform is called Vice Temple.

See our blog post on the best web hosting companies for pornographic websites for additional details.

Video Feeds

There are a lot of tools to think about when choosing how to publish your cam feeds. One such program that distributes cam broadcasts to popular websites throughout the internet is Most streaming websites and live adult industry cams are supported by SplitCam, a well-known distribution channel.

SplitCam offers a suite of plugins, one of which is a toolkit for Lovense devices that are smart and Bluetooth equipped.

White Labels

In the adult entertainment industry, white labeling is a common tactic. In the context of affiliate marketing, a white label is a quality service that was created and produced by one company but was branded and offered for sale by another company using the selling company’s name. That being said, there are numerous permutations of white labels for camming. To develop white label affiliate sites for a major camming platform, all you may need to do is launch customized landing pages or put widgets from that camming platform into your website.

White label cam sites can be attractive to webmasters and cam models who want to earn money both actively and passively. As most camming platforms allow webmasters to “bring your own domain” and traffic, white label cam sites should be quite easy to set up from an affiliate marketing platform. Webmasters can create landing pages, white label websites with a CMS integrated, and APIs that provide access to the entire database of models actively utilizing the Stripchat network with the help of the Stripchat affiliate program, Stripcash

Some white labeled cam affiliate networks pay commissions to webmasters for signups and tokens. It should be mentioned that the majority of cam white brands pay a rev share proportion that varies by network.

White labeling services are also provided by, a well-known adult cam website. created Webcamwiz, an affiliate white label platform that gives websites with their own domains access to ImLive’s database of appealing presenters together with branding and eye-catching color schemes.

Websites that use Webcamwiz can generate revenue through per-member conversions, rev share, and other means.

Pre-made Scripts for Webcams

One option for launching your adult live cam website is to use prebuilt web scripts from companies like and xCams is a configurable adult cam site script developed by According to, xCams provides the tools required to create an adult streaming cam website similar to Chaturbate, MyFreeCams, and LiveJasmin. offers its platform as a “plug and play” solution. also creates Fluffvision. The adult webcam program Fluffvision powers a number of internet live cam services. Fluffvision offers pay per minute, performance tupping, and model VOD.

The xCams script costs $699 from, while the xCams Pro script costs $999.

Fluffvision Beta 4 from starts at $289 for a complete script linked to a single site. Furthermore, the entire script with two or three domains is available for $389 or $489, respectively. is the provider of Miricam. Another completely functional script for adult cam sites that can handle large amounts of users and traffic is called Miricam. Miricam is used by psychics, tutoring firms, adult websites, and other enterprises.

A Miricam license is initially priced at $2,100. The premium editions of the web script demand one-time payments of $4,100 for an unlimited number of broadcasters and $7,100 for a complete feature set. The software MBase, which streams live video from your primary website to additional cam sites—like duplicates of your website or ones where you have an affiliate white label program set up—integrates with Miricam as well.

Model Centro Webcams

For cam models who just want to boost their own branding and visibility, there are many options to create and expand a personal live cam website. Model Centro, for example, is a feature-rich content management system created exclusively for models. They offer VOD, e-commerce goods, geo-blocking, private messaging, and interfaces with well-known social media networks. Nonetheless, one of Model Centro’s best features is inbuilt live camera streaming. Model Centro claims to provide models with a fully functional tipping system and scheduling facilities for prearranging live webcam shows. Model Centro also links with Fan Centro, an upscale NSFW social networking site.

Cam models can also crowdsource the contributions of other webcam models to a shared website in order to create specialized platforms. 

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