Most Popular Straight Niches

Porn is lively. It encompasses a wide range of material types, genres, and niches. In the adult entertainment sector, Adult B2B Marketing has been investigating the top content niches. In this new blog post, Adult B2B Marketing examines the most well-liked straight niches considering current data and trends in the adult entertainment market. This entire list is supported by data.

Genres, Categories, and Niches: What Are the Differences?

We do think it’s important to establish genres, categories, and niches for this analysis. A large category of artistic expression known as a genre is distinguished by a certain style, form, or subject matter. Other examples of genres are mystery, science fiction, romance, and horror. On the other hand, a category is a division of a genre that aids in further categorizing and arranging works within that genre. For instance, you might have sub genres like historical romance, contemporary romance, or paranormal romance under the romance category. A niche is then a subset of a category that is more specifically targeted at a particular audience or interest group.

Porn Niches

Niche markets may target a particular demographic or interest group and are frequently smaller and more specialized than broad categories. Considering this information, pornographic niches can be anything. There is a porn specialty and category relating to whatever you can think of. This implies that a porn user is probably jacking off to those kinds of online niches. Taking this into consideration, there are numerous ways to categorize a pornographic specialty. These include age preferences, sexual orientation preferences, and fetish-based niches, which Adult B2B Marketing has previously covered on our blog. Straight niches are what we’re talking about in this blog post.

AEBN Trends

According to AEBN Trends, fetish-related terms were the most often searched for in states in November and December 2022. Users in Arizona looked up “lesbian dominatrix,” users in New Hampshire were more into “CBT” (cock and ball torture), while users in South Carolina were into “bound gangbangs.” According to AEBN Trends’ publication of search phrase trends for the fourth quarter of 2022, there is rising interest in Taboo content that is straight-oriented. Also on the rise is voyeurism. The same AEBN Trends data shows that straight-oriented phrases relating to domination and submission are on the rise.

Taboo Porn

One of the most popular straight categories right now is taboo porn. The goal of taboo porn, which ranges from “fauxcest” to stepfamily porn, is to satisfy the nastiest fantasies in an entertaining, safe, and thrilling manner. That is the primary motivation behind this kind of pornography. Regarding the search phrase “fauxcest,” it’s a term for fantasies involving incest or family relationships, including stepfamilies. Pornhub Insights showed that the volume of searches for “stepmom” increased by a staggering 94 percent in 2014. For this specific investigation, there was also a 132 percent increase in “stepsister” searchers.

Stepfamily Porn

Pornography with a stepfamily motif is quite prevalent. For instance, Team Skeet has an imprint called Family Strokes, which chronicles the “dynamics and day-to-day life” of a highly horny blended family that frequently consists of stepmoms, stepdads, stepsisters, and stepbrothers. According to the brand’s Pornhub page, “At Family Strokes we capture all those taboo moments that you fantasize about.” On Pornhub, Family Strokes has received over 1.8 billion views.


A “mom I’d like to fuck,” often known as MILF, is one of the most well-liked subcultures in the straight orientation. Because it overlaps with numerous other niches that intersect, this phrase is well-known. An investigation of the content associated with the search term MILF, for instance, on the video sharing website xHamster reveals that the phrase and tag are used to identify and characterize both professional and amateur content with performers of different ages, gender identities, fetish, and other subject matter. As we mentioned before, MILF itself could be thought of as a distinct category with a distinct group of niches. Once more, think about a search word like “inked MILF” or “goth MILF.” A MILF performer who also identifies as alt-porn and reflects that visual style could be described by these search phrases.

Straight People Watching Transgender Porn

Trans porn is one of the niches and subgroups of niches in porn that is expanding the quickest. Users of straight-orientation porn who occasionally watch trans porn do it for a variety of reasons. Pornhub Insights for 2022 show that trans porn streaming and search volumes increased by a staggering 75%. The word rose to become the third most popular in the US market and the seventh most popular category globally. The popularity of “FTM” and “MTF” has increased as well. Additionally, trans content was viewed by men who identify as straight by roughly 22% more frequently than trans content was viewed by women. Users who identified as heterosexual women saw transgender male content 115 percent more than straight men did. Other search phrases that cover gender identities include “nonbinary,” “gender x,” and “androgynous,” among others.

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