How to Get Into the Adult Industry

A career in the adult business was once frowned upon and considered humiliating, particularly for those who chose to become pornstars. But with COVID-19, working in the adult market has become quite profitable. Working in the adult industry is no longer a source of embarrassment, thanks to the emergence of sex tech and new sex toy brands, as well as the growth of OnlyFans and other alternative adult content creation sites that enable models and pornstars to work independently, set their own hours, and monetize their content without having to share profits with porn production companies.

Adult B2B Marketing provides information on how to get into the adult market in this post. From going along this typical path and looking at new positions that have lately emerged in the adult business, to becoming a pornstar or an OnlyFans content developer.

How Can I Break Into the World of Adult Entertainment?

If you’re looking to try something new, like being in movies, or just want to be in the adult entertainment business, becoming a pornstar may be a terrific career decision. It takes homework to break into the adult film business; you may hunt for local porn production businesses or auditions through modeling websites.

It’s important to think about what being a pornstar might imply for your personal life and what you’re comfortable being known for before you become one. Whether you want to gleefully declare it or keep it under wraps, ultimately people will learn that you are a pornstar and want to view your material. If you feel comfortable doing this, go ahead. If not, ask yourself.

In addition, it’s critical to establish personal limits when pursuing a career as a pornstar. Which kind of material are you willing to produce? Anal, orgies, girl/girl, boy/girl, or solo? Select carefully since once you do something, it will be visible to everyone.

The majority of pornstars have contracts with certain production companies; they research which businesses are hiring new models, put in a tape audition, or make plans to attend an open casting.

Make a portfolio of your finest photos and visit websites for the adult business before going for a porn audition. Your goal is to present your personality, your body, and yourself. Invest in a boudoir shoot to obtain high-quality photos that best represent you, from headshots to full body photographs. Send in your portfolio as soon as you find a position that fits your needs.

Make sure you’ve gotten an STD screening as well. A clean health certificate and documentation of an STD test must be provided to all porn production businesses at least 21 days before filming. Therefore, don’t forget to get your STD checked before your first shoot.

How can you locate porn jobs in 2023 now that you know how to become one? We’ll go through several alternatives in the next section.

Where Can I Find Work in the Adult Industry?

Earlier, we listed some of the top adult industry websites for 2023. You may discover modeling, porn, and cam girl roles on these websites. Just choose the position, region, and salary range you’re interested in using their criteria, then get in touch with the hiring parties.

XBIZ forums, Porn Jobs, Adult Work, and Sexy Jobs are a few of the top adult industry job sites.

Dealing with recruiting and modeling agencies is another excellent way to find employment in the adult film business. These organizations remove the challenging aspect of looking for a job—the work itself! Once you’re on board, they’ll assist you in building a portfolio and market you to their extensive network of adult industry organizations on their website in order to help you land the ideal position. Check out The Porn Agency and Jobs in Adult Entertainment.

OnlyFans and the Growth of Adult Content Creation

The emergence of OnlyFans altered the game, in contrast to the porn business where models hardly communicate with their followers. Since the platform’s introduction in 2016, models, celebrities, and sex workers have joined (although the true boom began in 2020 with the surge of content creation during COVID-19.) Pornstars may now make money from their material through OnlyFans, as well as through tips, subscriptions, extra, exclusive content, and direct fan communication.

Even while OnlyFans serves more than just the adult business, it is the site’s largest specialty, with numerous producers providing anything from BDSM and roleplay to catering to certain fetishes and even solo films.

Creators can sign up for OnlyFans at no cost. To verify, you must be over eighteen and have a valid government-issued ID. Mass Messages pay-per-view content, monthly memberships, and tipping are all made possible for producers by OnlyFans.

However, OnlyFans charges a 20% fee for each payout you make from your wallet. This money is used to pay the teams of website designers, moderators, and administrators who work to maintain the security and functionality of the site.

Sites Like OnlyFans

Many other websites that are devoted to adult content creation have emerged, so for those of you who are interested in entering the field of adult content creation but might want to consider joining sites other than OnlyFans. giving you complete control over how you sell memberships, monetize your content, and engage with followers.

For those of you who like to generate content for your audience without worrying about it getting leaked and who identify as women or non-binary. Next, have a look at Sunroom, an app made by women for other women and non-binary artists. They have addressed a major issue on OnlyFans, which is how to deal with the content leakage of OnlyFans creators to other websites, by utilizing their integrated sunscreen technology. In contrast to OnlyFans, which allows creators to join regardless of their fan numbers, Sunroom stipulates that you must bring your social media fan base with you, hence they advise against participating until you have more than 1000 followers.

As an alternative to OnlyFan, Fansly is also quite popular. Almost 2.1 million people believe it to be almost equivalent to OnlyFans, making it possibly the biggest rival. But, they provide artists with the choice of tier-based subscriptions so they may focus on high- and low-spenders to increase their revenue. Another site for content creators is called LoyalFans.

If you’re interested in working in the porn industry but don’t want to work for a production business, consider applying to be a creator on MakeLoveNotPorn. The website celebrates “real world sex as a counterpoint to porn” and is a “user-generated, human-curated social sex video-sharing platform.” All you have to do is record your video and send it to the MLNP moderators. If it meets their standards, they will post it online so that other people can watch it and you may begin making money. It is crucial to realize, nevertheless, that MLNP retains 50% of each rental’s income in order to invest it back into the website. In order to earn as many rentals as you can, make sure your material is seen! 

Sex Tech: A Novel Profession

Don’t worry, there are still plenty of alternative methods to break into the adult industry if creating content for OnlyFans or working as a pornstar in adult films isn’t your thing. The growth of sex tech is the subject of our last segment.

From the rise of new sex toy firms introducing a wave of jobs in product design, sales, and marketing to the sex toy brands offering affiliate programs for models, influencers, and even sexual health instructors to earn extra money promoting their goods. Not only has the sex tech revolution helped the economy, but it has also created a multibillion dollar business that is expected to expand from $3.8 billion in 2020 to $9 billion by 2025. It has also led to a rise of sex tech start-ups in a variety of fields, such as safe sex and STD screenings, or creative sex toys that benefit the LGBTQ+ community and the disabled, or even revolutionize pleasure. For individuals interested in a job in sexual wellness, eco-friendly entertainment, or even audio erotica—who wouldn’t want to be paid to read sultry stories to an audience?—these new start-ups offer new avenues for employment. Follow your preferred brand to stay up to date on new positions, and visit their job pages to see what opportunities they have.

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