How To Find The Best Sex Toy Dropshippers

These days, dropshipping sex toys is rather popular. Dropshipping is a popular method used by both big and small websites that offer recreational goods to manage their business.

In this blog article, Adult B2B Marketing will explain dropshipping, walk you through the process, and introduce you to the leading drop shippers of sex toys.

What is Dropshipping?

Given the recent surge of YouTube and other videos about dropshipping, you may be asking what the term “dropshipping” actually means and how it relates to sex toys. Dropshipping is the practice of taking an order on your website, ordering the product from a third party, and then having the third party send the item (or sex toy) to the client. Let’s say that A places an order with B, and B ships the item to C, the customer. The item’s pricing for the wholesale client is separate from the retail price, which also includes a profit margin for the website and the cost of the wholesale product plus delivery.

How Can I Dropship?

To begin dropshipping, particularly with sex toys, you must first identify your suppliers. After that, you must build a website from which to operate your business. Once you’ve found your source, look into them and consider contacting them. You can order and get delivery of a single item. Once this stage is finished, you can see the pricing, figure out your profit margin, and get the product’s retail price. Therefore, if you order a vibrator and drop-ship it for $20 USD and the drop-shipper charges $10 for delivery, for example, you may sell the item for $40 and profit by $10. This might be very beneficial to your business or website.

You May Ask, Is Dropshipping Legal?

Dropshipping is fully permitted both inside and outside of the United States, according to local laws and authorities. Here at Adult B2B Marketing, we want you to know about the many regulations that dropshipping companies have to go by. Do extensive research on your dropshippers and suppliers to ensure they are sending genuine merchandise. If you buy fake items or don’t pay your taxes, you might run into problems. If you are doing this as a company, it is best to form a corporation, complete the required documents, and get a tax resale certificate before you start. In this way, actual sex toys are drop sent to the buyer and it’s legal. Naturally, to find out what kind of formation is best for you, speak with your accountant and lawyer.

Is It Still Worth It to Dropship Sex Toys?

Sex toys are highly after in the US and across the world. Sex toys are a billion dollar industry, and desire for them has only increased over time. By dropshipping sex toys, you can manage your company with a simple website, do away with the need for inventory, and establish relationships with suppliers and clients. Following that, getting traffic to your website through SEO is typically the only thing left to do in order to facilitate sales. But, if you want to earn a profit, you must price your orders and shipping charges accurately because these prices vary and you don’t want to be selling the items at a loss.

Top Suppliers of Sex Toys

We at Adult B2B Marketing can provide you with a list of four dropshippers with whom you can immediately begin working. You may list their solution on your website in a matter of days, and many of them don’t require a large initial investment.

Sex Toy Distributing

With its main office located in Huntington Beach, California, Sex Toy Distributing is one of the largest dropshippers of sex toys in the US. With over 5,000 goods accessible on their website, including lubricants, vibrators, dildos, toys, and sex toys, they have been in business since 2005. Their products frequently arrive the next day and provide dropshippers with tracking information. One of the biggest suppliers of sex toys worldwide, Sex Toy Distributing offers dropshipping to retailers worldwide.


Dropshipper of adult toys, DreamLove is based in Sevilla, Spain. They are a huge company offering a vast array of products and merchant assistance. Adult enterprise DreamLove has received recognition for both its distributor and wholesale operations. You may dropship products throughout all of Europe with Dream Love and still have access to the most recent catalog. Additionally, they provide third-party plugins for Prestashop and WooCommerce, which makes it easier for them to integrate with your website. If you’re starting an adult sex toy dropshipping business in Europe, DreamLove is one of the biggest drop shipping companies out there and comes highly recommended.

Honey’s Place

Honey’s Place is a dropshipping company that offers a wide range of sexual items, including lingerie and sex toys, to meet the demands of its customers. There is a straightforward registration process on the website, and accounts may be made in a day or two. A dropshipper can order items from their website, pay for them, and send the goods to the customer the next day after the buyer has made payment on your website. The California-based company Honey’s Place works with a wide range of adult toy manufacturers and distributors.

Sex Toy Club

Sex Toy Club offers dropshippers access to over 40,000 adult products that they may sell on their website, making it another platform that distributors can utilize to buy items to dropship to their customers. The user interface of the website is easy to understand and navigate. They provide a number of year-round discounts.

They also offer a minimum price and marketplace policies area to make sure dropshippers follow any rules their partners may have in place. It’s great that Sex Toy Club shows prices for the dropshipper from several resellers. This enables ordering from the business that has the greatest reputation and the lowest prices easy to do in order to boost your profits.

CN BlueRabbit

Dropshipping company CN BlueRabbit ships its products to your customers from its location in China. Lingerie, BDSM toys, sex toys, and sex dolls are among the products available on the company’s website. Additionally, CN BlueRabbit collaborates with wholesalers in order to work with additional distributors, retailers, and dropshippers globally. The company offers new customers discounts and samples, and it has a large network of publications and support for its merchants. CN BlueRabbit can maintain cheap rates and minimal shipping costs because of their direct connection to wholesalers and merchandise, facilitated by their Shenzhen, China headquarters. CN BlueRabbit offers a large selection of products that you may dropship on your sex toy website.

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