How Can I Fight Piracy of My Adult Content?

Combating the theft of pornographic content is related to a number of the subjects we have discussed on the pornographic Business Consulting blog in the past. We’ve given our thoughts on the many legal and DMCA-related issues that persons in the adult entertainment industry face as you’ve read. We’ll go into more depth about content piracy in this brand-new blog article, along with the many trends and services that the adult entertainment industry is now providing to assist with these issues. Please also read our blog posts on the legal issues adult companies confront and our DMCA post.

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What is Content Piracy?

Content piracy is a recurring threat to independent content creators and companies in the adult online market. The piracy of digital content is forbidden. Digitally copyrighted property, including music, games, software, e-books, movies, photos, and YouTube content, can be illegally copied. This is known as piracy. Piracy in the adult entertainment sector can be as simple as a rogue OnlyFans member stealing content that has been paid for by an artist and uploading it to an adult tube site that accepts submissions without requiring identity verification, or to a website that is referred to as a “OnlyFans” leak site.

Other examples include obtaining full-length pornographic films in torrent form from a pirate website, then sharing the video widely without permission from the studio or the author. By using proven online strategies, the adult industry has adapted to and modified in response to increases in online content piracy. 

Piracy of content can take on various forms.

What Is the Verified Internet?

The verified internet is a movement in which people submit content online with their identities verified first. The best example is a verified user account on Twitter or Instagram. However, tube sites in the adult business may help independent content producers’ 2257 compliance and provide legal documentation when a video from a verified uploader is copied and occurs elsewhere on the internet by using a verified internet approach.

Certain websites require users to verify their identity prior to allowing them to post any content. takes this measure in response to many legal complaints brought by European regulators against the tube site for not having a functional age verification system. After accomplishing this, the company that owns xHamster updated all age and identity verification specifications for users who create and submit material to the platform. also acts in reaction to the moral panic and intensification of the debate caused by The New York Times’ infamously biased “Children of Pornhub” column by Nicholas Kristof. removed any content uploaded by users that were not verified. This includes removing any content that may have been stolen or duplicated.

Are There Any Services to Stop Adult Content Piracy?

Not everything, though, is concentrated on tube sites. Adult entertainment creators have noted an upsurge in content piracy on websites such as OnlyFans and JustforFans. Thankfully, the adult entertainment sector already offers services that help producers and content creators recognize work that has been pilfered. Some of these adult services have received notice from major business news sites in the adult entertainment industry, like YNOT and XBIZ. These services have also been recognized with awards for their inventiveness and consideration for adult content creators.

Takedown Piracy

Takedown Piracy is a company that has gained prominence for its attempts to stop adult entertainment providers and content creators from stealing their work. Takedown Piracy aims to protect intellectual property and material while upholding DMCA regulations. Since then, this company has expanded to draw a substantial clientele. You receive more with Takedown Piracy than simply an online copyright management system—you get a team of fervent professionals dedicated to stopping content theft and offering the best possible support.


BranditScan is an additional tool that helps creators of adult material fight back against piracy. One of BranditScan’s unique approaches is full-scope detection of your brand name across all currently utilized online pirate formats. BranditScan also provides developers with choices for eradication and full-scope reporting. The starting price to use BranditScan’s services is $15 a month or $150 for a full year. Requests to remove pirated content are made simpler by BranditScan in compliance with the DMCA and other US regulations. Additional industry recognition was bestowed upon them, such as the 2022 YNOT Awards’ “best business services company” title.

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