Ethics in the Adult Industry is Still Important

Being truthful and moral in all business dealings has been the foundational tenet of Adult B2B Marketing from its founding. This was ingrained in the group that our founder, Bruce, of Adult B2B Marketing, presently oversees, and he exudes the sort of elite professionalism that he is known for in the adult entertainment industry as well as from his work in mainstream media. Bruce spoke with our in-house journalists in an exclusive interview for this blog article on adult consulting and the moral and ethical goals of doing the right thing and always telling their clients the truth. In the conversation, Bruce speaks freely, and there’s a long talk about how Adult B2B Marketing differentiates itself from its competitors in a really creative way.

The first thing Bruce said to us was that, according to, ethics is defined as “moral principles that govern a person’s behavior or the conduct of an activity.” “If my thought process continues, it involves the golden rule, or treating others as you would want to be treated.” Bruce laughed and alluded to the Bible’s Gospel of Matthew. “I do hope I’m not getting too biblical on you here,” he said. One may consider such a statement to be the “golden rule” that underpins the majority of mainstream ethical institutions. But the golden rule Bruce is talking about is much older than any of the three Abrahamic religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. A Chinese philosopher who is believed to have lived more than five centuries before Jesus changed the golden rule to say, “Do not impose on others what you do not wish for yourself.”

Bruce’s business guiding principles are generally acknowledged in all spheres of professional life, regardless of origin. In a 2011 post for the Harvard Business Review, business guru Fred Reichheld covered the topic of how to operate a profitable, morally-driven corporation.

“Our system of financial accounting rewards quarterly profits, but struggles mightily to place a value on ethical behavior,” asserted the author, Mr. Reichheld. Reichheld noted that “even accounting rules specifically dealing with reputation — goodwill and intangible assets — are subject to frequent rule changes and endless debate,” raising the issue of whether these accountants and financial experts are just overcomplicating a straightforward notion. “When you [business] follow the Golden Rule, your reputation is enhanced; when you don’t, it is weakened. Reichheld said, “[This scorecard] perfectly aligns with all of the arithmetic for long-term financial performance, including revenues, earnings, and cash flow.

“I try to treat my clients like people first and then knowing what I know to give them the best advice possible, even if it means walking away from the business I might otherwise get,” Bruce stated in the latest interview.

“If the fit isn’t right, I tell people not to do business with us since I’m not in such dire need of money. He boasted, “And even if I were in that circumstance, I would tell them the truth. I think it’s important to be brutally honest with my clients, even if it hurts a little to tell them the truth. That’s another definition of ethics, by the way.” 

“The goal of Adult B2B Marketing‘s founding was to instill morality and accountability in an industry that has a negative reputation for being exploitative and predatory. But the truth is that a sizable percentage of people employed in the adult entertainment industry are decent individuals who want to work in fulfilling fields that are really multidisciplinary and intersectoral. The most crucial thing we have is the personal touch we employ at every stage. We offer that individual touch. We do our hardest to be honest and ethically upright.”

“I’ve seen a lot of unethical behavior in my adult life as well as throughout my radio profession. It may surprise some, but the media has a tendency to be less ethical than the adult industry”, he said.

“However, evil actors exist in any sector. Adult B2B Marketing has established itself as a stalwart in the adult industry because of our commitment to our customers. If you’re interested in our services, please contact our team of dedicated professionals to learn more about how we can support you.”

“The fact that we are a boutique firm and that I have the contacts with the clients allows me to control how those contacts go down and it assures good ethical behavior,” Bruce concludes.

“But if you manage a company with workers, you have to teach these qualities to your employees. Naturally, if you don’t have such traits, things usually go the other way, don’t they?”

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