Buying an Adult Website – 13 Things You Need to Check Before Buying

Investing in an adult website might be quite lucrative. Adult B2B Marketing‘s team is fully aware of this. Whether your intention is to add the adult website to your collection or to resell it, buying an adult website may be a great investment.

But before you buy an adult website, there are a few steps and precautions you should take.

The following 13 elements are crucial to consider when acquiring an adult website:

Examine the domain’s history, popularity, backlink profile, and age.

Analyzing the domain’s background, age, authority, and backlink profile should be your first step. It’s the easiest approach to show that an adult website is legitimate and profitable.

It should be mentioned that all of these provide important information. Even though it might not be sufficient to choose whether to buy, you can use this information to rule out some sites before reading the lengthier description. is a helpful resource for learning about the history of a website.

The “Whois” Domain Name Search (DNS) function provides helpful information about the domain, such as ownership data, contact information, and the date of registration.

Buying a website that is more established—at least a year old—is always recommended. This is a powerful benefit since it avoids the “sandbox” period of Google.

Analyze the traffic trends for the domain using

A website’s domain authority may be ascertained with SEMrush and AHREFS. The better the domain rating of a website, the more robust and trustworthy it is.

Examine the Seller’s Information

If you want to start an adult website as soon as it’s possible, you need to be cautious while selecting a vendor.

Look for a trustworthy seller that can prove they are the legitimate owner of the disputed domain name and website and that they are authorized to sell it.

The seller also has to be ready to provide their contact information, which includes name, phone number, address, and company name. This will give you the upper hand in the event of problems.

Examine the Adult Website’s Structure Directly

The quantity of inbound links on an adult website tells you a lot about it. A website with a lot of traffic but not many inbound links is probably using bought connections and PPC advertising to get more visitors.

Additionally, if the internal links are of exceptional quality and quantity, you will be able to get a higher price if you resell the site or sell fixed-rate advertisements.

It is possible to find out if a website has backlinks using SEMrush or AHREFS.

An attractive and user-friendly layout has the power to attract more people and increase the popularity of an adult website. The website has to be easy to adjust for different screen sizes.

Verify Proof of Income

It is important to confirm the income claims made by the vendor.

Profits are the most crucial element in determining a website’s value as well as how to increase traffic and repeat business. A website that generates steady monthly revenue will attract visitors and increase in value.

Usually, one uses the earnings from an adult website during the preceding year to determine its worth. Customers are prepared to pay anywhere from $120,000 to $420,000, and even more, for a website that, at present profitability, brings in $10,000 per month.

Why is this important?

It proves that a certain company concept may turn a profit. Additionally, you may use the website’s present earnings as a baseline to bet on website changes that will increase future sales.

Check The Different Revenues

Adult websites that have many revenue streams are worth more than those that don’t.

An adult website may make money in a lot of ways, such affiliate marketing, ad sales, banner ad sales, or even exclusive deals with the businesses they promote.

If you’re considering buying a membership website, you may ignore this part as the website will be financed by memberships.

Calculate The Upkeep and Update Cost

The costs associated with operating and maintaining the website should be known to you. You should know how often the site is updated, how long maintenance is expected to take, and what kind of expertise is required to perform upgrades.

In the event that you lack programming knowledge and certain skills, such as PHP programming, are required for maintenance, you should calculate the cost of outsourcing your development.

Make sure that the website maintenance costs are kept to a minimum.

Be Aware of Powerful Statistics

When buying an adult website, don’t only depend on the seller’s word.

Spend some time thoroughly examining the website’s analytics, like bounce rate and visitor numbers, before making a purchase.

The easiest way to do this is to get analytics data. Ask the vendor for access to Google Analytics.

Check Website Traffic

One thing you should think about before buying an adult website is the volume of traffic the site gets. A website gets more traffic from both new and recurring users the more unique visitors it has.

It’s also critical to identify the traffic’s origin. Organic and referral traffic is far more valuable than purchased traffic.

You may use SEMrush or AHREFS as trustworthy sources to find out how many people visit a website.

On the homepage page of each directory, you may input the URL or website you wish to buy by clicking on the “Traffic Rankings” option at the top.

You should find out how highly ranked the website is. SEMrush and AHREFS rankings are largely based on traffic; the lower the rating, the more traffic.

Examine the Website’s Social Media Accounts

Social media has helped to enhance internet marketing.

As a result, you should confirm that any adult website you buy contains connections that direct visitors to the company’s main social media pages. This feature will increase website traffic and market any products or services that are offered.

Acquire from the vendor the essential contacts needed to run the website.

Verify whether the vendor is willing to provide their suppliers—such as programmers, designers, producers, etc.—with the contact information.

This is essential in case you need to make changes to the website, need help keeping it updated, or have issues later on.

Think About Asking For a Non-Compete Agreement

Remember that if you buy an adult website from someone, they probably have a lot of business experience and contacts. If you spend a lot of money on a website, you don’t want the vendor to copy it exactly and take your clients with it.

Verify Whether There Are Any Legal Concerns

As part of your due diligence, you should query the seller extensively about the website’s legal status.

Does the owner’s legal history appear spotless? Do they promote the products they own? Do they post original material online?

The last thing you want to inherit when buying an adult website is legal conflicts. To be sure, you should consult a legal professional. Never agree to a contract without doing this first.

Examine the Content

Highly competitive keywords require a lot more manual effort and investment in content, rankings, and links, especially in the affiliate industry. The more direct competition a website has, the less desirable it becomes.

Find out whether the market for pornographic websites is highly competitive. You may do research on this using Google.

To Purchase an Adult Website, Use a Broker

Purchasing a website is similar to purchasing a home in that you don’t want to wait to move in before learning about a serious issue that wasn’t addressed!

Prior to making a website purchase, do some research: Every statistic needs to be checked, checked again, and quadruple checked!

Contact Adult Site Broker, our sister firm, so they can conduct the transaction on your behalf. Their expertise lies in the purchase and sale of porn websites.

If you follow this advice and employ these strategies, you might be able to avoid spending time and money on bad porn website investments.

Visit the Adult B2B Marketing blog for more information.

We appreciate you reading this blog post, Adult B2B Marketing. Kindly contact us in case you have any inquiries.

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