Best Condom Brands

The usage of condoms is essential during sexual activity. Condoms not only prevent unintended pregnancies but also serve as a barrier of protection against sexually transmitted infections. With so many condom brands available, it’s critical to select one that meets your unique needs and preferences for comfort and durability. Let’s examine some of the well-known condom brands and their features in more detail. Adult B2B Marketing will discuss the most well-known retail condom brands that are sold through physical shops in this post, along with our verticals—e-commerce and dropshipping pleasure products.

The Global Condom Market

The condom industry is rather significant and is predicted to continue growing as more individuals become conscious of the need of safe sexual practices and sexual health concerns. It is imperative that we keep in mind that sources and research studies may give different estimates of the market size. For this, we make use of data collected by Fortune Business Insights, Grand View Research, and other sources. It is important to emphasize that, in order to battle the HIV and other STI pandemic and to stop and prevent unwanted births, governments in many countries start programs to raise awareness about and encourage the use of condoms and other contraceptives among younger generations. Condom usage is a topic that is often covered in comprehensive sexual education programs in certain Western nations.

Shopping For Condoms Online

Similar to the markets for pleasure products and sex toys, the development of the internet led to the flourishing e-commerce condom sales industry. Dropshipping and wholesaling companies catering to the adult market have benefited from selling products in bulk, especially non-pharmacological contraceptives and condoms. For example, Colorado-based Eldorado Trading Company provides thousands of shops in the pleasure retail industry with a broad range of products, such as popular condoms for both sexes and expanded distribution methods to reach consumers across all demographics.

Popular Condom Brands

The following list of well-known male and female condom brands should be taken into consideration when evaluating the potential for profitable items to sell through adult-focused e-commerce sites.

The leading condom brands are proudly presented by Adult B2B Marketing.


One reliable and well-known condom brand is Durex. Durex produces condoms in a range of sizes, shapes, and textures to accommodate a diverse range of preferences. Whether you want textured condoms for more satisfaction or thin condoms for improved sensitivity, Durex has a variety of alternatives to satisfy different sexual desires. Because the brand is known for rigorous testing and high standards, consumers may have faith in the dependability and effectiveness of its products.


Trojan is a reputable brand of condoms that has a lengthy history. Trojan offers a huge selection of condoms, including ultra-thin, ribbed, and extra-large models. Their extensive assortment caters to a range of needs and preferences, making it possible for individuals to find the perfect match. Trojan condoms are widely available, making them available to a large number of people seeking reliable protection. The firm consistently adheres to stringent production rules and is committed to providing dependable protection for its condoms.


Lifestyles is a corporation that has gained recognition for prioritizing providing reliable safety in addition to increasing enjoyment. They provide a variety of substitutes, such as flavored, textured, and very thin condoms. The condoms marketed under the Lifestyles brand are made with the user’s pleasure in mind, aiming to enhance sex while maintaining necessary safety measures. The company’s commitment to quality and innovation has made it a well-liked choice for customers seeking enjoyment as well as defense against STIs and other hazards.


One well-known condom brand that stands out is SKYN, which uses polyisoprene, a material other than latex. This material is an excellent replacement for those with specific latex allergies or sensitivities. SKYN condoms are a popular choice for those seeking a latex-free option because of their comfortable and organic feel. Moreover, SKYN condoms provide reliable protection against STIs and unplanned births. Customers value the product’s adherence to industry standards and the commitment to quality and safety.


If you are looking for condoms with a touch of uniqueness and ingenuity, ONE is a brand that is worth looking into. The unique and eye-catching patterns of ONE condoms provide excitement and delight to intimate interactions. They sell a variety of products, including flavored condoms for variety, glow-in-the-dark condoms for a fun twist, and textured condoms for better feeling. In addition to its innovative designs, ONE is a socially conscious brand since it actively supports education and awareness of sexual health.


Okamoto, a well-known Japanese condom producer, is renowned for its innovative technology and commitment to producing high-quality condoms. They are renowned for using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to create very thin condoms without compromising on strength or durability. Okamoto condoms are designed to provide sufficient protection and a true, pleasurable experience. Because Okamoto places a strong focus on accuracy and meticulous attention to detail, their condom brand is well-known.


Green production practices are given top priority by Glyde. They provide natural latex vegan condoms made of plant-based ingredients without the use of chemicals. Glyde condoms have been confirmed by two organizations: the Vegan Society and Fair Trade USA. Glyde’s commitment to ecological, ethical, and high-quality manufacture has made it a popular brand among environmentalists.

Internal Condoms 


An FC2 internal condom is a kind of barrier contraception that is meant to be worn inside the vagina during sexual activity. It provides protection against STIs and unintended pregnancy and is an alternative to traditional male condoms. Planned Parenthood and other reproductive health groups call the FC2 condoms “female condoms,” but they would rather that we call them “internal condoms,” as anybody can use them, regardless of gender. Only the FC2 condom for internal use has received approval from the US Food and Drug Administration. Veru is a Miami-based biotechnology company that makes FC2.

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