Best Blogging Platforms For Creating Adult Sites

A content management system is the technological cornerstone of any adult site, including Adult B2B Marketing. Another name for a content management system (CMS) is a software-as-a-service platform that allows users to create, manage, and change content on a website without needing highly specialized technical expertise.

Like almost all other websites on the internet, all of the popular adult and porn websites that are loved by millions of people worldwide are constructed on top of a content management system (CMS). These content management systems (CMS) are among the best blogging platforms on the internet, and they power millions of websites. For example, Adult B2B Marketing is developed using WordPress. In this blog article, Adult B2B Marketing is happy to provide the best blogging content management systems for adult websites.

What Does a Content Management System (CMS) Do?

Content Management System is what CMS stands for, as we said earlier. Put simply, a content management system (CMS) is a helpful tool that makes it possible to create a high-quality website without requiring significant technical knowledge or starting from scratch with the coding. The platform format for content management systems was developed many years ago. The evolution of content management systems may be followed back to the first webpage, Under the guidance of Tim Berners-Lee and a group of nuclear physicists, the first website was released on August 6, 1991.

Present-Day CMS Systems

The history of content management systems and the early intranet are closely related. There were several different types of early content management systems, such as FileNet, StoryBuilder, Vignette, Documentum, and many more. These platforms were exclusive and closed source.

These days, practically every one of the most widely used content management systems available online is accessible through hosted services or is free to use. WordPress is one such open-source platform. Although WordPress is free software, companies like Automattic have made hundreds of millions of dollars in sales and $7.5 billion in value from

Top Content Management Systems for Porn Websites

Systems for managing material online have been around for a while. 

Our research indicates that every content management system on this list does support pornographic material. It is thus entirely up to you and your level of technical skill (or lack thereof) to decide which platform is best for your adult content creation business or whether you want to build a network of sites at a cheap cost and scale. Additionally, if you want any assistance with website development, please contact us.

Hosted Adult Content Management Systems

Before we continue, we would like to take a minute to discuss the case of hosted content management systems and adult material. As we’ve shown in this blog article, hosted CMS systems aren’t always the best choices for sexual and pornographic material. When searching for the best ways to host their content, webmasters should keep in mind that the adult entertainment sector is typically very dangerous. Hosted content management systems are handled by businesses that have to answer to investors and financial partners, such as large banks. These web hosting providers may also be governed by extra laws and regulations due to their involvement with online businesses and user data collecting. These regulations include the GDPR requirements for all websites under European Union authority or the California Consumer Privacy Act protections for websites receiving a lot of traffic from that US state.

With pride, Adult B2B Marketing presents the best blogging platforms for building adult websites.


Open-source and free of cost content management system is WordPress. It is thought to be the most popular and user-friendly content management system that high-level web directories use. A few web hosting and virtual cloud service providers that supply WordPress are PhoenixNAP, WPEngine, and more hosted WordPress choices. is arguably the most well-known WordPress hosting company. According to’s content rules, mature and adult content can be hosted on the website’s servers. WordPress allows “text, images, and videos that contain nudity, offensive language, and mature subject material.” However, there are limitations. does not allow connections to or endorsements of pornographic websites or affiliate programs. Fortunately, these restrictions are not present in WordPress’s open-source editions. ViceTemple is an adult web hosting firm that uses the open-source WordPress kernel to build pornographic and adult websites.


The open-source WooCommerce WordPress e-commerce management plugin was made by Automattic. As previously noted, Automattic is the parent company of and its proprietary content management system hosting options. For entrepreneurs who wish to dropship and sell sex toys, lingerie, novelty items, and other things for fun, WooCommerce is a very flexible e-commerce platform. Almost all current WordPress websites can include WooCommerce. There are several software connectors and add-ons for WooCommerce. These include product APIs and dropshipping integrations for some of the most well-known retailers of sex toys and adult novelty items on the internet. Among these companies are the Eldorado Trading Company, EDC Wholesale, and Sex Toy Distributing.


Joomla is an additional open-source content management system. It is free to use, same as WordPress’s open versions. Joomla websites that follow the requirements for acceptable usage specified in the open source license are allowed to contain adult content and pornography. Nonetheless, there are a few hosted Joomla versions with strict guidelines on adult material and pornography, such as Techjoomla and SiteGround. For hosted platforms, this is typical, as we have already said. It shouldn’t, however, make some people afraid. Open-source Joomla and other less restricted web hosting options will accept adult content, including pornographic material, tube sites, pay websites, and clip shops.


Drupal is an additional free open-source content management system. There are no restrictions on what you can post on a website created with open-source Drupal. Drupal is widely used as the main content management system for websites. However, the prohibitions against pornography and adult material still stand while using hosted Drupal services. Pantheon, Acquia, A2 Hosting, and Hostinger are well-known Drupal CMS hosting providers. Examining these companies indicates that most of them have very severe policies regarding the distribution of adult and pornographic materials. Open source Drupal is still a wise option, though. Drupal is widely acknowledged as the best secure content management system globally.


Magento is an additional free and open-source content management system. Like all of the open-source CMS platforms listed here, Magento open source can be utilized for the majority of adult websites. It is still forbidden to post adult and pornographic content using hosted Magento content management systems. Magento websites, like their Drupal counterparts, are known for the CMS’s integrated security measures. Adobe recently bought the Magento platform and its creator company, allowing it to focus on the growing market sector and e-commerce demands. Adobe Commerce is the new name for the product. Magento allows for the dropshipping and selling of adult novelty products, including sex toys.


Shopify is a distinct e-commerce ecosystem and content management system. Though Shopify isn’t the ideal content management system for adult material, it does provide a number of alternatives to help with the selling of adult items, fetish toys, and other types of sexual health products. Shopify also offers connections with dropshipping companies that sell lubricants, sex accessories, and other things related to sexual wellness to its clients. The ecommerce platform’s architecture can accommodate a multitude of services and add-ons. Websites built with this platform also come with full creative freedom, blogging functionality, email marketing integrations, social networking service integrations, and other services.

Systems for Managing Adult Content

Adult content management systems and website builders are available. We’ve written numerous blog posts in the past about alternatives to OnlyFans and adult web hosting providers. ViceTemple was taken into account for both this research and a blog post that covered the many options open to adult content providers and entrepreneurs wishing to start their own pay websites or video shops. also develops and sells ready-to-use adult websites, as well as technical scripts for adult blogs, membership sites, adult e-commerce sites, adult cam sites, and tube sites.


Actors and content creators may operate their own for-profit membership websites using ModelCentro, which takes the concept of premium porn and makes it more accessible. ModelCentro is essentially a content management system designed with models in mind, enabling them to manage their material without being constrained by social network restrictions. There are other resources for studios, talent agencies, and photographers.

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