Bruce, the Adult Site Broker, interviews individuals making waves in the adult industry and produces the weekly Adult Site Broker Talk podcast, which teaches listeners how to broker adult websites and businesses. Whenever he hosts an edition of the Adult Site Broker Talk podcast, he welcomes a professional from the adult sector to discuss their role as important industry players. Every podcast includes helpful advice on purchasing and selling adult websites and details on locating the ideal adult website for you. By listening to Adult Site Broker Talk, you can learn from someone knowledgeable about making a name for themselves in the adult entertainment sector.

Bruce, the Adult Site Broker, discusses current events in the adult industry with his guests and advises adult professionals looking to broker businesses and websites. Adult Site Broker Talk is the first podcast produced by adult site brokers who understand what it takes to get started in the business.

Adult Site Broker Talk invites listeners to learn about different avenues into a business they wish to pursue and will find enjoyable. Adult Site Broker Talk covers a wide range of topics related to the adult industry, from talking with the founder of Pineapple Support. This UK group supports workers in the adult industry who are struggling with mental health issues, to prominent porn star Vicky Vette and other business owners. Take a listen to Adult Site Broker Talk from any podcast streaming service.

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