Why You’re Chicken To Raise Your Prices and How To Do It Anyway

Raising your prices is the easiest and most crucial factor in building your company

It’s also the scariest part

If you think your prices are already high, you’ll still probably need to raise them again.

If you remember my recent newsletter, I gave this simple (and mandatory) 3-step formula to get to make more money:

1.Sell awesome stuff that people genuinely love.

2. Charge high prices.

3. Do solid marketing.

We’ll talk a bit more about #1, selling awesome stuff that people love, in an upcoming newsletter.
It’s crucial.

But I promise you this:

If you’re not a high price, high-quality provider in the market, you’ll never get to where you want to be.

You won’t even have a chance.

I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt: I’ll assume that you offer exceptional quality and service to your customers. And if you don’t now, you’re at least committed to doing so in the near future.

After all, step 1 is to “Sell awesome stuff that people genuinely love.”

But even if you do, chances are high that you’re not charging enough.  Here’s why:

Your sales people are scared to death that they will lose the sale!

They’re CHICKEN!

-They have that terrified look in their eyes.

-They already struggle to close at the prices you already have that they already think are too high.

-They are SURE that if you make them ask for even MORE money, the customers won’t just say NO… they’ll actually laugh in their faces! Or get mad.

Meanwhile, Disney World charges $325 for a 4-day pass, even though I can buy a full one-year Six Flags pass (good at 13 different parks) for about $80.

Do you think the gal at the ticket counter at Disney World gets all nervous, starts sweating and stammering, and apologizes when asking for $325 per person for a 4-day pass?

Are you kidding me?

That’s because Disney World is committed to selling awesome stuff that people genuinely love… and because they have massive brand authority, thanks to decades of solid marketing.

Most importantly, I can help you raise your prices. Here’s how:

1. Be better than everyone else. It’s not that hard. The majority of your competitors suck. I mean that, and you know it’s true.

2. Clearly articulate how you’re different and why you’re better in all of your marketing. This is harder, but I can help you do it.

3. Spend a enough money in your marketing to get people to believe it. I can help you do this, too.

Don’t worry. Selling for ultra-high prices is not hard when you have the right product or service and you do the marketing the right way.

That’s the heart and soul of our system.

Meanwhile, in my future newsetters, I’m going to give you PROOF that people are just begging to pay higher prices for your products and services. You’re actually insulting them by asking an average price.

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