Want More Business? Look To The Cookie

I subscribe to the email lists of some other marketers.

One of them sent me an email last week that described how he purchased a book from internet marketer Ray Higdon called Go For No.

I haven’t read the book, but the Amazon description says, “[Go For No] deals with rejection in network marketing, selling in network marketing, and creating the right mindset to be successful in network marketing.”

But that’s not the interesting part of the story.

When the book arrived at the house of the guy whose list I’m on, it came with a note that appeared to be scrawled in a child’s handwriting.

The note said:

“One day I asked my daddy for a cookie but my daddy didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie but he didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie and he didn’t let me have a cookie. So I asked for a cookie and he let me have a cookie. The end.”

This note made me think about you, John or Jane Q. businessperson, and how you close your leads.

Here’s why…

Many businesspeople give up on prospects way too fast. They figure if they don’t hear from a prospect after one follow-up call or two measly emails, the prospect is not interested.

I presume the “child’s” note was written by Ray Higdon (the author of the book) to demonstrate that repetition is a crucial part of marketing.

If you don’t follow up—and follow up again and again and again—you’re losing out on a huge chunk of profits. (or cookies, if you’re a kid.)

This goes double for businesspeople.

Do you realize how much hem-hawing companies do when choosing someone to do business with?

Of course you do—you experience it every day.

You experience it when prospects say “I’ll think about it and get back to you” after your meeting.

You experience it when they give you their contact info at a show but don’t reply to your email.

You experience it when they call you for a “ballpark price” because they’re “currently price shopping.”

These types of prospects might seem like dead ends, but think about it this way: They have expressed interest in doing business with you. And they discussed their project with YOU.


Do. NOT. Give. Up.

Market to these prospects relentlessly. Get yourself in front of their faces as often as possible. It doesn’t cost as much as you think, and you’ll experience a great ROI for your efforts.

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