Leveraging Your Company’s Hidden Assets – Part 2

More Hidden Gems That Are Just Waiting To Make You More Money

Even More Money-Making Opportunities Sitting Right Under Your Nose, Just Waiting To Be Discovered & Exploited

Okay, it’s time to ramp up the 2nd half of our discussion about hidden assets… here we go!

Hidden Asset #6 – Relationships: Think about all the people you’ve done business with over the years, and then ask yourself this question: Which of them, if any, run or manage businesses that sell stuff to your same target market? By your target market, I mean people who are the same demographics as your typical customer.

The answer to this question might surprise you.

These people can endorse your company and services to THEIR customer list as a way for you to generate leads. I won’t go into a tremendous amount of detail now—I’ll save this for a more complete posting later—but suffice it to say, they send out an email or Facebook posting and you get leads.

Why would they do this? MONEY! You will PAY THEM for every customer that actually buys.

Hidden Asset #7 – Expertise: If you’ve been around a while, then you’re probably pretty darn good at what you do, right? So why not leverage your expertise into making yourself an AUTHORITY on the what you do? If you become a recognized authority on the subject, people will come to you for advice, they’ll look to you for solutions—and they’ll buy from you because they trust that you know what you’re talking about.

So how do you leverage expertise into becoming an authority? For starters, write a blog. Not a BS blog full of stupid articles that no real person would actually read. But create a series of ongoing articles that tackle real issues in your industry, offer real advice, and share your real, hard-earned experiences. You’re reading this… from a self-proclaimed marketing expert. But if you go back and read over 100 posts that are readily available right in front of your face, you’ll start to realize that maybe I actually DO know a thing or two. To create authority as a blogger, you have to be consistent.

Next, get your stuff published by somebody else. It could be a publication or website that focuses on the industry. Guess what? They are all ravenously STARVING for great content. If you have great content, they’ll eagerly publish it.

Start small and use your brain.

Other ideas include giving seminars at shows, writing a book and becoming a guest speaker.

Hidden Asset #8 – Identity: You’re probably pretty good at what you do, right? But can prospects easily tell—at a glance—what makes you different and better than all your competitors? After evaluating marketing from THOUSANDS of companies, I can tell you the answer: NO.

There’s a huge disconnect for most companies between HOW GOOD THEY REALLY ARE and the message they use in their marketing to communicate those advantages. They key is to make the message match the reality of your company… which is what we call developing an IDENTITY.

I won’t talk about Identity at length here simply because I have done so many times elsewhere in my articles.

The benefits of having a powerful, precise, and passionately articulated Identity are many. Here are the most important:

Generate More Leads: When people can see the obvious advantages in your ads, they’re a lot more likely to call.

Website Conversion: Dittos for your website. It’s the single-most important part of a company’s marketing program—does it have a strong identity throughout it?

Lower Price Resistance: Selling is much easier when people already love your company when you show up for a meeting. They understand the value you bring—because you’ve communicated it through your Identity!—and they’re ready to buy.

More Referrals: When people remember the awesome experience they had with you (instead of remembering you as “just another company who took my money”) referrals start coming out of the woodwork. It’s incredible.

Hidden Asset #9 – Speed: I’m talking about the speed of handling your leads. If you are good at it, it can be a major competitive advantage for you. The companies that are geared to respond in nano-seconds (instead of hours or days) are the ones converting them into sales. All the laggards call and call and call and never get anyone on the phone. That’s because they already bought from Speedy Gonzales. Think about it.

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