How To Transform Your Company’s Biggest Weakness Into Its Strongest Selling Point

As you may know, Adult B2B Marketing is a virtual marketing company. We don’t have an official “office”, we operate entirely online.

When some people find out how we operate, you can hear a tinge of cynicism as they say, “Oh, you’re a virtual company? That’s… interesting.” They initially can’t wrap their heads around how our virtual business model functions efficiently.

What these skeptics don’t realize is that our virtual model is actually one of our biggest strengths:

Since we don’t have a home base of operations, we aren’t restricted to hiring locally. We have the entire world at our disposal to search for the best subcontractors. We believe in using the best of the best.

We have much lower overhead, so our prices are ultra-competitive compared to brick-and-mortar marketing companies.

No office politics, time-wasting company meetings, or anything like that. Operating virtually allows us to have a laser-beam focus on marketing and only marketing.

Once we explain the advantages of a virtual company, people “get” it.

Here’s why I’m telling you this: Your company—just like Adult B2B Marketing—probably has a certain aspect that people at first perceive as your weakness. In other words, something that might make some prospects hesitate.

But here’s the thing. More often than not, your company’s weakness is, in fact, a huge strength disguised in Groucho Glasses.

Your company’s biggest selling point could be hiding under your nose.

In many cases with reputable businesses, there’s a positive hiding underneath the surface of what people (or even you) consider the “negative” qualities of your company. You just have to dig a bit deeper than normal to show prospects why what’s initially making them hesitate is actually one of the main reasons to do business with you.

Here are five examples, along with why they can be one of your biggest selling points:

“Achilles’ Heel” #1: You Have Higher Prices 

Why It’s Actually A Strength: Unless you’re shamelessly price gouging, your higher prices mean better products and service. A good portion of Adult B2B clients are “above average” on the pricing scale because they demand the best of the best in everything they do and realize quality doesn’t come cheap.

“Achilles’ Heel” #2: You Have Lower Prices

Why It’s Actually A Strength: On the other end of the spectrum, some businesses fear advertising their low prices because their clients sometimes equate low prices with cheap quality. While some companies do sacrifice quality to keep prices low, others are just really good at cutting costs with low overhead and minimal (but effective) advertising. If that’s you, proudly flaunt your lower prices—just make sure to inform your customers how you’re still able to deliver quality.

“Achilles’ Heel” #3: You Aren’t As Fast As Your Competitors

Why It’s Actually A Strength: Sure, your clients want their tasks done as quickly as possible. But 99.9% of them prefer quality over speed. Do you take your time on a project because you want to get it right? Great! Play that up in your marketing to bring in the high-paying clientele who want the absolute best quality—even if they have to wait a little longer for it.

“Achilles’ Heel” 4: You’re A Small Operation

Why It’s Actually A Strength: Personalized service and hands-on ownership, which clients love.

Customers don’t have to deal with seven different people for their project, so you provide better communication and eliminate annoying “I thought he said…” situations.

“Achilles’ Heel” 5: You’re A New Company

Why It’s Actually A Strength: Some companies have a notoriously poor reputation. Positioning yourself as the new-and-improved sheriff in town can reap huge rewards. Let prospects know that you’re the company who has eliminated all the common things clients hate about whatever it is you do (sales pressure, pricing games, etc.).

Let me warn you: Do NOT use these tactics unless what you are saying is true. I consider honesty to be the only policy. I don’t like when people use my marketing advice for nefarious purposes.

So if your prices are cheap because your products stink, don’t spin it into a #2 situation.

And if you take a long time to complete projects because you improperly manage your schedule or like hitting the snooze button, don’t even think of trying #3. You’re being deceptive, and it will blow up in your face (and I will laugh at you because you deserve it).

If, however, you’re a reputable company who has your customers’ best interests at heart—and you need a little help overcoming common objections to your company—use this weakness tactic to turn the Doubting Thomases into True Believers.

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