How To Create An “About Us” Page That Tugs Heartstrings…And SELLS

Your “About Us” Page Can Do A Lot More To Sell Your Company Than You Think

From Overlooked Afterthought To One Of The Most Powerful Pages On Your Website

The best argument against what I’m about to teach you is that nobody actually reads the “About Us” page.

Shortsighted argument.

The truth is, people actually do click to it… but since there is never anything of value, they quickly navigate away in search of something shinier and more fun.

This is the internet, people.

Here are a couple examples of text from “About Us” pages randomly pulled from some websites to prove the point:

I want to take a few seconds to tell you a little about XXXXXX company and why you can count on us every time to do a good job. We have been servicing the industry for seventeen years and have established a quality reputation.

We appreciate your interest in our company and thank you for the opportunity to submit our proposal to you.

(My commentary: the answer to the question “Why can you count on us to do a good job?” is “We’ve been servicing the industry for seventeen years and have established a quality reputation.”

Did anyone even think about that after they wrote it? Did ANYONE think to read what is being published?)


For thirty years the management team at XXXXXXXXXXX, has been involved in the industry. Their vast experience covers all phases of the industry including.

Today we offer to the industry the best value. We have the most products. All designed to satisfy out client’s needs.

(My commentary: starts off third person and unexpectedly shifts to second person; how can you help me?)

People, we can do better. Much better, in fact.

Your “About Us” page represents a fantastic opportunity to HUMANIZE your company. Tell your prospects what kind of people you really are… so they can connect with you on a HUMAN level.

Nobody wants to read a truncated history of your company (we started in 1984…), a rehashing of all the crap you sell, or a bunch of platitudes about your dedication to customers and service.

Here’s a better way: Tell a story.

Make it a personal story.

A story that illustrates why you operate the way you do.

A story that shows how your mentality and philosophy were molded.

A story that helps people know and love the real you.

Our about us pages are designed to seal the deal on getting prospects to want to do business with you. By the time they meander over to your “About Us” page, they’ve already probably thoroughly absorbed your Identity (assuming you have one) and checked out mounds of social proof and evidence (assuming you’ve provided it).

You should already have them preferring you over other competitors. They should already be wanting to do business with you.

And since everything else they’ve seen on your website has been so interesting, relevant, and engaging, they’re going to keep clicking and clicking and clicking.

Until they find your interesting little story that gives a little bit of backstory. In their mind, they’re going to pay you tens of thousands of dollars to do what you do for them; trust me, they’ll gobble up every delicious morsel of information about yourself you make available.

If it’s written in an interesting way.

To build an about us page I start out asking the client about his background: How did he start this business? What is his business philosophy? What was he like growing up? What did he want to be when he grew up?  And more.

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