Don’t be Happy with WOW:

Wow, great job, you got a 10 out of 10. These are all high praise, but lousy testimonials. John Smith expects testimonials to come from happy customers. Merely confirming this doesn’t sell John Smith on how great your company is or how pleased your customers are. You want believability in a good testimonial. A “wow” or “great job” is fine, but neither stands alone. A good testimonial relays a story about the customer experience, a story John Smith can imagine himself being inside of. If the only detail given is a cherry thumbs up, John is likely to tune out.

Ask for Details:

What makes a good testimonial great is detail. If the happy customer can explain exactly what they needed, why he chose your company and how the experience of dealing with your company was pleasant, then the testimonial will go a lot further to selling John Smith on making the same decision.

The best testimonial reads simply: I was like you, I needed what you need and now, thanks to this outstanding company I’ve found it. Flesh this outline out with details and you’re golden.

Always Get it in Writing:

Don’t bet on your customers looking and/or sounding great on video. Video testimonials are only effective if the person on camera has that “IT” factor that’s so rare. Chances are the person who’s charismatic in person will come off like a dead fish on camera. This is all assuming you know how to work a camera and light and boom. Keep it simple. Written testimonials won’t fail you.

Write it Yourself:

Having a hard time getting a good testimonial? Write it yourself. I’m not saying forge some praise. Just help a customer write what he’s already told you. Interview your customer and with all the details write up a testimonial he can happily sign off on. Writing scares a lot of people. Many customers will appreciate the help. And you’ll get what you need.

Get a Lot:

Not only will numbers help support the argument implied in testimonials (that people like you), it will also help you find and showcase the best of the best. Solicit a testimonial from every single customer you have. Even small customers making small purchases can make for the best testimonials.


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