Lower the Buyer’s Risk

Baby Steps:

Prospects need to be finessed into a purchasing decision a lot of the times, especially with purchases that have large price tags. Don’t forget this in your marketing. If you think you can send an email to a prospect and be able to talk to them that same day, well, you haven’t paid any attention to how you buy things. Maybe a few of you are impulse buyers no matter the size of the product or the investment, but most of you fall exactly where John Smith falls – reticent to part with your money until you are sure you are making the best decision possible. Give John Smith a nudge to action in your marketing. Baby steps.

No Pressure:

The last thing John Smith wants to do if he is still trying to make a purchasing decision is to talk to a salesperson and that’s exactly who he expects to answer the phone when he calls from an ad. That’s why he doesn’t always call. He just wants information, not a sales pitch. He doesn’t want an appointment yet. He doesn’t want “Today’s Special.” He just wants to have more facts so that when he is comfortable, he can talk to a sales representative on his own terms. Make sure you don’t just give John Smith only one option for action. A Web address is a great low-risk call to action.

Personalize Your Message:

Probably the best low-risk call to action is to provide an information offer to your prospects. You know they need more information before they are comfortable to buy, so why not give it to them? You get to be the company that stands up for the consumer, pumping him with the right knowledge to make the most informed decision. Not sure what is the best type of offer to offer.

Don’t Expect Commitment Whole Hog:

Let’s say you are targeting a business rather than John Smith. John Smith Incorporated let’s say. If you are going after a business John Smith Inc. already gives to another vendor, you have a long battle ahead of it. but one that is winnable with persistence and education. Instead of trying to steal the business from an incumbent vendor outright, start small. Pound John Smith Inc. with postcards and emails that tell them you can save them in a pinch. You understand, for example, they have a working relationship with So-And-So vendor, but if something comes up they cannot handle—because of a time crunch—you can swoop in and save the day. Give them a low-risk opportunity to try you out. In time, you may beat out the other guy entirely.

Give It Away:

The lowest risk a prospect can take? Taking a free sample out of your hand. If you no one knows your product even exists, it doesn’t matter how good it is. Why not give away a few to start the word of mouth? You can have prospects sign into a website for their free sample, send it to them in the mail unannounced, or enter into a joint venture with another company. They can give free samples to their customers. This may not work in your costs, but you may be surprised. Don’t cross off the possibility until you run your numbers. If you can give a freebie, reciprocity will work on your side. You’ll see.

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