We Aren’t Saying You Are A Liar – But Your Prospects Are

Saying You’re Different and Then Acting the Same, Smelling the Same, Tasting the Same, Looking the Same and Offering Virtually the SAME Product and Service Makes You a…


When You Use Platitudes In Your Marketing, Your Prospects Have No Way To Tell If You Are Any Better Or Any Different Or? Any Worse Than Any One Else

What’s A Platitude?

A platitude is “any words or phrases that are drearily commonplace and predictable and that lack power to evoke interest through overuse or repetition that are nevertheless stated as though they are original or significant.”

Words like – High Quality, Great Service, Amazing Products, Been In Service For Over 20 YEARS!

Words and phrases that fall smack dab into the platitude bucket do absolutely nothing to help explain your value to the prospect, and worse, they actually hurt your creditability with the prospect.

Why? Simple. Regardless of how cool your product actually is or how revolutionary your service has become, when you advertise it using platitudes you sound like every other average product or service offering out there. You literally become a duck in a sea of ducks in the pond quaking at the same time and are indistinguishable to your prospect

Are Platitudes Really A Big Problem In Your Marketing?

When building your marketing, you need to prepare your case as thoroughly as an attorney would prepare a case for court.

In court, the attorney’s case can mean the difference between freedom or incarceration, between life and death. In your business, your case for your product means the difference between getting rich and going broke. Think about your marketing and advertising strategy this way: Your product or service is on trial. The consumer is the jury. You are the attorney…. and you must educate the jury on all the relevant issues and prove to them that you offer the best value available… and it’s a life-or-death sentence. Your job is to define the relevant issues, come up with all the proof, all the arguments, all the evidence…. and present it in a way that the jury believes you. Remember, your prospects are the jury!

Platitudes won’t cut it!

Remember the OJ Simpson trial? It’s been a while, but I’m sure you still remember it. OJ’s team of attorneys sold a jury of 12 people a story that got him off the hook, despite overwhelming evidence against him. What if OJ’s attorneys got up on the stand and spewed a bunch of platitudes, “Come on… he couldn’t have done that! He’s OJ! The Juice! He runs through airports! He’s the 2,000-yard Buffalo Bill! He’s a movie star! There’s no way, man! He wasn’t even there that night. He was out somewhere else. He just couldn’t have done it.” As ridiculous as that sounds, that’s about as good of a case as most businesses ever prepare to defend and sell their product. They just offer a non-compelling, surface-level laundry list of platitudes and hope that someone will give them money. As if just being there–just being in business–makes them entitled to our business! Good luck!

Ultimately, if you present your case for your product in a compelling and convincing way, you’ll build confidence with your prospects and bridge the confidence gap. They’ll feel like they’re in control of the decision. You’ll have business coming to you because you will have effectively separated yourself from your competition. Just like the jury draws the conclusion of guilt or innocence, so will your prospects. They’ll feel like they’d have to be absolute fools to do business with anyone else but you, regardless of price.

Show me any other marketing guru, advertising expert or any big name ad agency for that matter that not only says they are right, shows you the results, talks about how everyone else is wrong. Not one of the thousands of “experts” or “firms” or “agencies” out there has a freaking clue about marketing but they sure don’t want you to know it.

If any of these so called “experts” had a clue, they would be able to articulate their expertise and … (shockingly) put it into some marketing tools like these newsletters. Yeah, that’s right. You should be able to tell how good a Dr. is by how healthy they are, how good a fitness trainer is by how fit they are and how good a marketing company is by how good their marketing is. If they all look the same, taste the same and have no ability to distinguish themselves then guess what – they won’t be able to distinguish you from the competition either.

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